Far , far away in space was a tiny world with tiny people who know all about us ,  what we eat , how we talk and all things about us . But one day there were two of them that wanted to visit us and they were Alexa and Tommy. They grew up together and did everything together they basically were brother and sister . So one day they came and this happened…

“I said go right!” shouted Alexa. “Sorry” sighed Tommy “SORRY ,  you really think that will make up for it you big lump of food!” screamed Alexa again. “It’s not my fault”…

3 thoughts on “Layla

  1. Hello Layla, we are a class of Yr 5s from Norfolk. We really liked your story especially when Alexa and Tommy started arguing. We thought you were very good at getting the speech marks correct but think you might have missed out some punctuation before the final speech marks. We also liked your description of them living in space at the beginning.

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